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Moses was the first and greatest or truest or most Godly of all the prophets; only because the people didn't follow in His ways did God send Jesus with love. The stiff* necked* Jews didnt listen. (Concerning nowadays see The Jerusalem Temple was destroyed. Most of the Jews were driven into exile and the angel Gavriel (Gavriel in Hebrew means "my strong man is God") created Islam. I hope to prove the superiority of the religion of Moses for all human beings by exposing the beauty of the Sanctuary and the sexual laws of the Bible for secular human beings and strict Muslim. Muslims know that Moses was a true prophet but they don't know all the original laws of Moses as recorded in the Hebrew Bible. Sharpen your Jihad function according to Moses and king Solomon! Jews Christians and Muslim should see ourselves as brothers and sisters in the same religion of Moses. Orthodox Jews can learn from Test me Please with This a most important chapter within.   *This can be a good character trait see Exodus 34:9.